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Внеклассное мероприятие "Путешествие по Великобритании"





Цель – развитие коммуникативной компетенции обучающихся через игровую деятельность.


- повысить мотивацию обучающихся к изучению иностранного языка;

- развить и поддержать интерес к стране изучаемого языка;

- развить коммуникативные и творческие способности обучающихся.

Оснащение: доска, раздаточный материал, карта Лондона, видеоролик “Window on Britain”, компьютерная презентация с видами Лондона

Ход мероприятия

 Организационный момент

Good morning, dear students! Welcome to our competition! Today we are going to find out what you know about the United Kingdom, about London and its sights and about famous British people. 

You will demonstrate your grammar skills, you will show how you can understand the English speech and you will even sing today. 

So, let me declare our competition open! We have two groups of students, two teams. The first team is called “Londoners” as I can see. What’s your motto, Londoners? (Our motto is «If you are tired of London you are tired of life» ). 

The second team is called “Travelers”. What’s your motto? (Our motto is « traveling broadens the outlook»). 

- OK, let’s get it stated! You will have to pass through some different tasks to get the first prize. Don’t rush! First think, then act. I wish you good luck!

Проведение конкурсов

Конкурс 1

First of all I’d like to show you a video “Window on Britain”. Watch and remember as many facts as you can.

Now answer the questions. Every correct answer is one point.

1. What is the capital of Great Britain?

a) Edinburgh b) Boston c) London

2. The capital of Northern Ireland is…

a) Dublin b) Cardiff c) Belfast

3. The British flag is often called…

a) the Union Jack b) the Stars and Stripes c) the Maple Leaf

4. What is the river in London?

a) Thames b) London c) Avon

5. What’s the population in Britain?

a) 49 million b) 3 million c) 1.5 million

6. What is the home of the Queen?

a) Buckingham Palace b) the White House c) Westminster Abbey

7. Ben Nevis is…

a) a famous footballer b) a sort of tea c) a mountain

8. The most popular sport in Britain is…

a) ice hockey b) baseball c) football

9. Britain' s national drink is…

a) tea b) Coca-Cola c) coffee

10. The mysterious Loch Ness Monster is from

a) Wales b) Ireland c) Scotland

11. Stratford-upon-Avon is the birthplace of

a) the Queen Elisabeth b) William Shakespeare c) Brad Pitt

Keys: 1c, 2c, 3a, 4a, 5a, 6a, 7c, 8c, 9a, 10c, 11b

Конкурс 2 «Правда – ложь»

You are to listen to the statement and decide whether they are true or false, raise your cards to let me know your answers.
1.London is the capital of the UK. (true)
2.The UK consists of three countries: England, Scotland and Wales.(false)
3.The British Isles are washed by the North Sea and the Atlantic Ocean(true).
4.The UK is separated from the continent of Europe by the English Channel (true).
5.Edinburgh is the capital of England (false).
6.London consists of four parts: the City, the Westminster, the East End and the West End (true).
7. The West End is the poorest part of London (false).
8. The Westminster is the historical part of London (true).
9.The East End is the poorest part of London (true).
10.The City is the historical center of London (false)
11. Buckingham Palace is the residence of the Queen ( true).
12. Madam Tussaud’s Museum is famous for its large collection of pictures (false).
13. David Cameron is the prime minister in GB (true).
14. The Royal Parks are the property of the Royal family (true).
15. The statue of Peter Pan is in Hyde Park (false).
16. Daniel Defoe is famous for his detective stories (false).
17. Margaret Thatcher was the first woman Prime Minister of Great Britain (true).
18. Sir Winston Churchill was a famous writer (false).
19. John Lennon was a member of the group “The Beatles” (true).

Конкурс 3

Let’s revise the places of interest in London. What places do you know? Make a list. The winner is the team that will have more places. You have 2 minutes. Start!

(Побеждает команда, которая назовет больше достопримечательностей)

Конкурс 4

And now choose the right name of the places of interest. Every correct answer is one point.

The Houses of Parliament

Buckingham Palace

Poet’s Corner

Hyde Park St. Paul’s Cathedral Big Ben

Big Ben

Buckingham palace

The Tower of London

Piccadilly Circus

London Bridge

The Victoria Tower

Key: Houses of Parliament—London Eye—National Gallery—Piccadilly---Poet’s corner-- St. Paul’s Cathedral — Tower of London —Victoria Tower--Big Ben -- Buckingham palace— London Bridge-- Hyde Park

Конкурс 5

Imagine you work at a travel agency. Look at the map. Make a route for Belorussian tourists.

Use the scheme to advise the route:

  1. I advise you to visit….. first of all.

  2. . is also a popular place with tourists.

  3. You should see… . It’s marvelous.

  4. Fascinating nature you can see at…

  5. I would recommend you…

  6. I would strongly advise you to go to…

Конкурс 6

Now let’s play. Your task is to make up words.

(Побеждает та команда, которая быстрее выполнила задание).

Конкурс 7

Now I”ll give you a crossword puzzle. Be ready to solve it! Every correct answer is one point.


Across: Down:

2. Edinburgh 1. Ben Nevis

6. Britain 3. Severn

7. Scotland 4.Queen

9. London 5. English

10. Wales 6. Belfast

11. Thames 8. Cardiff

Конкурс 8

Complete the dialogs

Find the Trafalgar Square and complete the dialog, than act it out.

- Excuse me, ______________. Can you help me?

- Yes. How may I help you?

- Can you tell me the way to _________________?

- Of course. Go down this ________ and turn to the ____________. In less than _________ minutes you’ll see _______________.

- Thanks______.

- Anytime.

Find the Tower Bridge and complete the dialog, than act it out.

Excuse me, ______________. I think I’m lost. How can I get to _____________?

Walk straight along the bank of the Thames and on the ___________ you’ll see a beautiful bridge with two towers. That’s it.

How long does it ________?

Only _____ minutes.

Thank you very_____.


Конкурс 9

Match Russian and English proverbs.

1. East or West - home is best.

2. So many countries so many customs.

3. Every country has its customs.

4. When at Rome, do as the Romans do.

5. Dry bread at home is better than roast meat abroad.

a. В чужой монастырь со своим уставом не ходят.

b. В гостях хорошо, а дома лучше.

c. Сухой хлеб дома лучше, чем жареное мясо за границей.

d. Сколько стран, столько и обычаев.

e. У каждой страны свои обычаи.
Key: 1-b 2-d 3-e 4-a 5-c

Подведение итогов:
- Ok, we have come to the end of our competition. I need some time to count the points you’ve got and to announce the results. Well, here are the results:
…..points goes to Londoners and ….. points goes to Travelers. So, …..are the winners. My congratulations! You’ve done well! All of you tried to do his or her best. Now I know that if you happen to be in London someday you won’t get lost and you will know what places to visit there. Thank you very much for the lesson!

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