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Викторина к уроку "Environment Quiz".

Environment Quiz

  1. Who coined the word ‘ecology’?
    a. Ernst Haeckel
    b. Charles Darwin
    c. Gregory Mendel

  2. Who are ethologists?
    a. Scientists who study about ethos
    b. Scientists who study about the behaviour of wild animals
    c. Scientists who study about the behaviour of animals in a particular eco system.

  3. Who is known as the father of evolution?
    a. Gregory Mendel
    b. Charles Darwin
    c. Albert Einstein

  4. What is the safe level of noise intensity for humans?
    a. Up to 90 decibels
    b. up to 70 decibels
    c. up to 80 decibels

  5. This is where an animal lives…
    a. Ecosystem
    b. Biome
    c. Habitat

  6. What are planktons?
    a. Plants living in water
    b. Very small plants and animals living in water
    c. Very small animals living on land

  7. Which of the following materials can’t be recycled?
    a. Plastic

b. Paper
c. Aluminum

  1. Which do we celebrate The Earth day?
    a. 3
    rd of June
    b. 22
    nd of April
    c. 1
    st of May

  2. What does the 3R rule consist in?
    a. It doesn’t appear
    b. Pollute. Reduce and Do.
    c. Reuse, Reduce and Recycle

  3. What type of shopping bag is more eco-friendly?
    a. Paper
    b. Plastic
    c. Neither

1. a | 2. b | 3. b |4. c | 5. c | 6. b | 7. a | 8. b| 9. c| 10. a


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