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Входное тестирование для 6 класса

Входное тестирование по английскому языку в 6 классах

I. Аудирование

Task A. Прослушайте рассказ и отметьте утверждения как верные (T) или неверные (F)

  1. Jack Lipton teaches French.

  2. Jack’s house is big.

  3. Jack has 3 rooms.

  4. Jack Lipton likes his students.

  5. Jack has 5 students.

  6. His students are old.

Task B. Прослушайте рассказ и ответьте на вопросы.

7) How many rooms has Jack Lipton?

8) Is Jack a teacher?

9) What language does he teach?

10) How many students does he have?

II. Чтение

Dear Joy,

How are you? It’s my birthday next Saturday and I’m having a party at my house. Why don’t you come? We always have a great time!

I usually decorate my house with a lot of colourful balloons and we all play some great party games. Then there is the food. My mother is a great cook and she makes a lot of delicious food. We usually have pizza with ham, bacon and cheese or ham sandwiches and different kinds of salads.

There is a lot of apple or orange juice to drink and my birthday cake, of cause. I love chocolate so it’s always a chocolate cake.

I really hope you can come! The party starts at six. Dont be late!



Task A. О чем это электронное письмо? Выберите правильный ответ.

11. a) New Year party

b) school party

c) birthday party

d) Halloween party

Task B. Прочитайте текст. Отметьте утверждения как верные (T) или неверные (F)

12) Joy’s birthday is next Saturday.

13) Helen decorates the house with balloons.

14) Helen’s father cooks the food.

15) There is only one salad.

16) Helen doesn’t like chocolate.

17) The party starts at 8.

Task C. Прочитайте текст и ответьте на вопросы:

18) When is Helen having her party? a. on Sunday b. on Saturday c. on Friday

19) What food is there? a. pizza b. pizza, sandwiches and salads c. salads

20) What do Helen and friends do at the party? a. dance b. sing songs c. play games

III. Лексика и грамматика

Task A. Найдите лишнее слово:

21) a. traditional b. close c. computer d. talkative

Отметьте предложение в Present Continuous Tense (настоящее продолженное время):

22) a. They are staying in the Ritz Hotel now.

b. Travelling is great!

c. She doesn’t like her work.

d. We love ice cream.

Task B. Подбери правильный суффикс образования профессий:

23) business a. ist

24) dent b. er

25) work c. man

Составьте правильные словосочетания:

26) birthday a. pictures

27) the Tower of b. worker

28) office c. party

29) take d. London

Task C. Выберите правильный вариант:

30. My sister … going to play chess. a. am b. is c. are

1-15 баллов – 2

16-21 баллов – 3

22-26 баллов – 4

27-30 баллов -5


1. F

2. F

3. F

4. T

5. F

6. F

7. 4

8. Yes

9. English

10. twenty

11. c

12. T

13. T

14. F

15. F

16. F

17. F

18. b

19. b

20. c

21. c

22. a

23. c

24. a

25. b

26. c

27. d

28. b

29. a

30. b

Текст для аудирования

Jack Lipton

This is Jack Lipton. And this is his house. It’s not very big. Jack has 4 rooms. They are big and clean. The walls in the house are yellow and the doors are white. The windows in the house are small.

Mr. Lipton is a teacher. He teaches English. He has twenty students. His students are not old. They are young. They are from Rome, Moscow, Paris. Jack Lipton likes his students. His students like English and their teacher.

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