Уроки английского языка / Библиотека / Урок английского языка в 5 классе по УМК Кузовлева « What do you think about rules?»

Урок английского языка в 5 классе по УМК Кузовлева « What do you think about rules?»

Урок английского языка в 5 классе по УМК Кузовлева

« What do you think about rules?»


Социокультурный аспект – формирование умения вести себя соответственно нормам и правилам, принятым в России и Великобритании;

Развивающий аспект – развитие внимания, памяти, воображения, способности к сравнению, сопоставлению, выражению своего мнения.

Воспитательный аспект – воспитание потребности и способности к коллективному сотрудничеству, чувства ответственности за совместную работу.

Учебный аспект – совершенствование речевых умений и лексико-грамматических навыков (употребление модальных глаголов)

Ход урока

Организационный момент.

T: Good morning, children. I am glad to see you.

Ps: We are glad to see you, too.

T: Sit down, please. Do you know that Clare Douglas and Paul Atkinson are going to take part in exchange programme and to come to our school? Look, they have sent their photos by e-mail. (На доске портреты Пола и Клер). And they want to get information about the rules we have at school and in every day life

Warm-up. Brainstorm activity.

T: Let’s remember our general rules and complete the word net on the blackboard

P1 P2 P3

School rules

Rules around us Rules at home

Safety rules in the street on the Internet

Фонетическая зарядка

T: Read and listen attentively and say what pupils must/mustn’t do at school. Add some more rules.

At the lesson you must read,

At the lesson you must write,

You must answer and translate

And do homework every day

But you mustn’t sleep and talk,

And draw faces on the wall,

Mustn’t wear your caps and hats,

Mustn’t bring your toys or pets.

Тренировка лексико-грамматических навыков

Т: Do you always observe the rules? Read and change each rule using the modal verbs must/mustn’t. (Учащиеся получают карточку с заданием)

Card 1

  1. Clean your room

  2. Be at school by 8.00.

  3. Ask parents’ permission

  4. Go anywhere alone

Card 2

  1. Tell the stranger your name and address

  2. Use the Internet alone

  3. Be cautious of strangers.

  4. Think about your safety

Т: You know that pupils have to wear a school uniform.

Paul and Clare want to know which uniform you have to wear at your school.(учащиеся описывают свою школьную форму по ключевым словам):

      • A suit,

        • A blouse,

      • A tie…

        • A skirt,…

      • Trousers …

        • a dress

      • A shirt ….

        • an apron…

Т: You see schoolchildren have to be tidy and accurate.

And what questions can Clare and Paul ask you about school rules at your school?




your parents

your mother

your father

your friend

your friends

have to

write down the homework in the homework diary?

check your diary?

stay at school at lunchtime?

eat lunch at school?

come before 8 o’clock?

change classrooms?

Динамическая пауза (учащиеся под музыку выполняют упражнения)

If you are happy.

If you are happy and you know it

Clap your hands.

If you are happy and you know it

Clap your hands.

If you are happy and you know it And you really want to show it,

If you are happy and you know it

Clap your hands.

Stamp your feet.

Snap your fingers.

Nod your head.

Say OK.

Do all six

Развитие навыков чтения и умений монологической речи

T: At home we also have a lot of rules.

Tell Clare and Paul how often we must/have to do these duties. (На доске картинки с изображением домашних обязанностей)

Учащиеся высказываются по предложенной картинке.

P1: We must make bed every morning.

Т: People all over the world use the Internet and they follow special rules. If you want to put your photos on the Internet, don’t forget about Internet safety rules.

Here are some tips on using the Internet. Complete each sentenсe with a word from the box to get to know these rules.

Use, follow, important, safety, cautious, address, permission

Talk with your parents about rules for using the Internet. Always __1____these rules. People who ___2____the Internet are from all over the world. They are___3____ to you. Remember this when you are on the Net and you’ll make your life___4___. You shouldn’t give your address, telephone number without your parents’____5____. Be very ___6____ of any offers(преложений) while using the Internet. You shouldn’t write e-mail ____7__ all in CAPITAL LETERS, people may think you are shouting (кричишь).

What about you? Do you follow the rules for using the Internet, what are they?

When I use the Internet I … the rules.

I … without my parents’ permission.

I … give … to a stranger.

Развитие умения понимать на слух.(правила поведения дома)

A girl is talking about her family’s way of life. Are these sentences true or false?

(учащиеся слушают текст и выполняют задание)

Hi! My name is Kerry. I live in London, England. I live with my mum, dad and my sister Charil. I like living in London because there are a lot of museums, theatres, cinemas, parks an sport centres with swimming pools. I like spending time with my friends. But I always ask my parents’ premission before I go anywhere. Rules are simple in our house. I must always be home on time. I must help with the chores in the house. Mustn’t watch TV if I haven’t done my homework. And I mustn’t spend a long time on the phone. My mum and dad come from Jamaica. This summer we may go on holiday there.

1.Karry has to go to the swimming pool.________F

2.Karry’s parents may not know where she is sometimes._______F

3.Kerry has some chores (обязанности) in her family.________T

4.Kerry’s parents are strict (строгие) about watching TV._______T

5.Kerry’s parents are not strict about using the phone._________F

What rules do you have at home?

Подведение итогов урока

Now it’s high time to come to conclusion if we must follow the rules or not. What’s your opinion?

I think, we … follow the rules.

Rules are …

At school we …

At home I …

When we use the Internet we…

In a word, rules make our life …

Домашнее задание.

Выставление оценок

Mind the clock

And keep the rule:

Try to come

In time to school.

Our lesson is over. Good bye.

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