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Упражнения для тренировки чтения английских слов со II типом слога.

2 тип слога

Aa [ ]-э

Ann at I. Sam and Pam are fat.

and hand 2. Dan plans to have a new flat.

cat bat 3. This man's lamp is bad.

bad can 4. Ann has a cat, a bat and a rat.

flat sat 5. A sad man with the maps of the Alps.

lamp Pam 6. Japan is the land of fantasy.


Tom lost 1. The dog is on the log.

host not 2. Hot dogs, coffee, chocolate, oranges cost a lot.

frog dog 3. Tom lost his box.

hot plot 4. John and Dolly are not in Florida.


Meg bed 1. Ted gets ten pens every day.

red ten 2. Let Meg tell a better story.

twelve tell 3. Can you retell ten texts in twelve seconds?

get vet 4. Can Ben spell "twenty" and "twelve" well?

second well 5. Tell me if your friends are helpful, trendy and


friend lesson 6.Tell me if lessons end at twelve twenty.

Ii [i]-и Yy[i]-и

sit myth 1. Will his pig dig a pit?

Tim gym 2. Which children did it?

it Kitty 3. Mr Fishwick will be rich.

is Billy 4. His baby is a myth.

him Abby 5. Kitty, Abby, Billy and Willy give him a big gift.

six Willy 6. Tim wins a Disney children film and tickets to a family trip.

stick Tony 7. Tony is thin but Dolly is thick,

kitten foggy 8. Listen! This is "Kalinka".

Uu[ ]-a

plum cut 1. My uncle Russell is hungry.

duck run 2. Have lunch with us and run with a cup.

drum us 3. Gus jumped but stumbled and fell plump.

lunch but 4. Ducks ate plums and drummed.

rubbish up 5.A bus must come to us. We are luckier than Buddy and


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