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Тест за модуль 4 по английскому языку для 7 класса ("Spotlight")

Test for 7th form. (Module 4)

  1. Use of English 

A     Fill in the correct word.

Chat show,  interview, horoscope, TV guide, documentaries, cartoon strips, interesting articles    

1. Madonna spoke about her forthcoming (предстоящем) tour in the ______ .

2. What’s on tonight? – I don’t know. Let’s have a look at the ___  ___ . 

3. Nancy is fond of _______ . 

4. What’s your favourite page in a newspaper? – A daily ______ .

5. What’s your mom doing? – She’s watching her favourite ____   ______. 

6. I was watching a ____  ____ when Sarah phoned.  

7. I like reading the  newspapers for all its ______  ______.

B         Match

8.    interesting wildlife                  a  message

9.    international                            b  interview

10.  listen to                                   c   show

11.  chat                                         d   documentary

12.  weather                                    e   news

13.  text                                           f   report

14.  fashion and beauty                   g  programme

15.   police                                       h  advice

16.   sports                                        i  drama

C       Fill in the gaps with off, with, on:

  1. Go… . It’s interesting to listen to.

  2. That dress goes well… your eyes.

  3. We must use these cakes soon before they go…

  4. Her alarm clock went… at nine o’clock

D       Put the verbs in the Past Continuous:

  1.  I  (watch)  a cartoon when Sarah phoned. 

  2. At 5.30 last afternoon we  (have)  dinner. 

  3.  20. When she got up her mother  (make) breakfast. 

  4. What  (to be) Tom (do) when you saw him? 

  5. When I looked out of the window it (not snow) 

E         Put the verbs in the Past Simple or the Past Continuous:

  1. Mary  (drive) to London when I phoned her.

  2. Jane  (do) her homework while Mary was watching TV.

  3. Steve got dressed, (do) the washing up and then went to work.

  4. The detective asked, “What  (you/do) at the time of the robbery?”

  5. We (go) on holiday in July.

  1. Reading (Read the text and answer the questions.)

Sun Shines On Fun Run

On 12th June, a ‘Fun Run ‘took place in the town of Sunnyfield. A group of sixteen-years-old students from the local high school came up with the idea and over 500 people of all ages took part.

Luckily, it was a sunny day. Everyone had fun running, walking or skate-boarding the 10-mile distance. Thanks the event, 2,346$ was raised for the charity ‘Cancer Care’.

Suzie Hamilton, one of the students who organized the run, said, “We wanted to do something useful for others and this seemed the most fun thing to do.”

The local headmaster was so proud, he decided to make the event part of the school’s years calendar.

  1. Who planned the event?

  2. How many people took part?

  3. What was the weather like during the ‘run’?

  4. How far did they have to do?

  5. What happened as result of the event?

III. Listening

Listen to the reports. Number them in the order you hear them.

e.g. new technology 1

36. a rescue …

37. a new shopping centre …

38. school meals …

39. a bank robbery …

40. a sports event

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