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Сценарий спектакля "Karlson has come back"для начальной школы

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Karlson has come back Karlson has come back
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Karlson has come back Karlson has come back

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Слайд 1 Фонограмма 1

Сцена 1

Слайд №2

DAD: Don't be sorry! It's for the best!

MUM: But maybe Karlsson really exists?

DAD: Oh, no!

BETAN: I don’t believe in Karlsson. It’s very stupid.

JUNIOR: This is Karlsson!

BETAN: You are wrong, Junior. That’s why you’ll sit at home, and we are going to the cinema.

Фонограмма 2 (звонок)

Фонограмма 3

(заходит Фрекен Бок)

FREKEN BOK: Well, well, you’ve got a dog. Matilda, do you see that? Very good.

DAD: All right. Excuse me, but who are you?

FREKEN BOK: My name is Freken Bok, Bok. Were that you who had advertised for a housekeeper? So….Here I am.

MUM: But we invited a babysitter.

Фонограмма 4 (Лай собаки)

FREKEN BOK: Well, who needs to be educated here? What an aggressive dog!

DAD: I hope, Freken Bok, you love children.

FREKEN BOK: Well….. I ….love them very much. Ok, you can go to your work. Don’t you worry? And I promise you, you won't recognize your child!

DAD: Thank you.

Слайд №3

(Родители уходят со сцены, на сцене остаются Малыш и Фрекен Бок. ФБ смотрит телевизор и ест, Малыш сидит рядом, берет пончик)

FREKEN BOK: Give me back my doughnut. Go to sleep. Do your homework. What else? What else?.... Go and wash your hands.

JUNIOR: What to wash hands for? There's nothing to eat anyway.

FREKEN BOK: Matilda, do you hear me? Take care of that animal!

But be careful, the dog is dirty.

Сцена 2

Слайд №4

Малыш сидит в комнате, смотрит в окно

JUNIOR: Karlsson!...Karlsson!Where are you?

(На сцене появляется Карлсон с удочкой)

KARLSON: Stop shouting! You've scared all of my fish!

JUNIOR: Hello, Karlsson.

KARLSON: Hello Junior.

JUNIOR: You’ve come back.

KARLSON: Listen to this!

(показывает на свой живот)

Фонограмма 5 (звук бульканья в животе).

Did you hear that? I need filling up, urgently! A cream cake will be fine!

JUNIOR: I’m afraid there’s no cake.

KARLSON: Are you crazy?

JUNIOR: I can give you fried sausage….



KARLON: Get them in here!

JUNIOR: Oh, I'm locked in!

KARLSON: Locked in? Why?

JUNIOR: That housekeeper is a real house-Reaper!

KARLSON: Stop crying! I have a plan. Фонограмма 6 полет

Слайд №5

Сцена 3

ФБ смотрит телевизор. Фонограмма 7 (звук ТВ)

FREKEN BOK: What a shame! What a disgusting show! Matilda! Matilda? Have you seen anything like that? They show thieves on TV! I want to be there. Where are you?

Слайд №6

(Ищет Малыша)

Фонограмма 8 (Звук пропеллера)

Come here, you naughty boy? Cuckoo! Cuckoo! Strange. Ah. Here you are. This is funny. Cuckoo! Cuckoo! Where have you been?

JUNIOR: Um, I went for a fly with Karlsson.

FREKEN BOK: What do you mean "a fly"? Like birds? Well, God. Wait a minute…. What is this?

Малыш прячется на сцене.

Фонограмма 9 (Звук пропеллера)

Cuckoo! Cuckoo! Cuckoo! Wonderful!La-la-la-la. La-la-la-la. Stop! What are you doing! What's that noise? Nobody’s here. Tell me, my dear child, in which of my ears does it buzz?

JUNIOR: In the left one!

FREKEN BOK: No! The buzzzz's in both ears! I went crazy!


Фонограмма 10 появление Карлсона

На сцене появляется Карлсон


FREKEN BOK: Actually, Mademoiselle.

KARLSON: Fine, Mademoiselle! Hello to you from the best ghost with a propeller in the world!

FREKEN BOK: Don’t do that. Please don't, I'm too scared of you!

KARLSON: But why?

FREKEN BOK: I'm scared of ghosts!... Excuse me, who's that?

KARLSON: That is me, Karlsson, who lives up on the roof!

FREKEN BOK: Wait a moment! So that was you... buzzing in my ears, right?

KARLSON: Well, yes. Stop! The milk has overfloat!

FREKEN BOK: My God, the milk has overfloat ...!Stop, what milk? I've got no milk on the stove. Joking again.

Слайд №7

Сцена 4

Все вместе сидят за столом и пьют чай.

FREKEN BOK: It's such a pity that you are not a ghost!

KARLSON: But why?

FREKEN BOK: Because the TV crew is about to arrive. I invited them to see the ghost.

KARLSON: But i'm better than a ghost! Look at me, I'm clever, handsome, a well-proportioned man ...in fact a man in his prime.

FREKEN BOK: Yes, but TV is overcrowded with such people.

KARLSON: But I’m talented. Ladies and gentlemen, now you will see the best Karlson in the world.

Фонограмма 11 (Музыка, танцуют)

Слайд №8

Фонограмма 12 (Звонок в дверь)

Карсон уходит со сцены, родители на сцене

JUNIOR: Oh, I’m so glad you’re back. Karlsson has returned!

Come with me, you'll meet him!

DAD: Well, darling, where's your Karlsson?

Слайд №9 Фонограмма 13

FREKEN BOK: He's gone, but he promised to come back.

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