Уроки английского языка / Библиотека / Разработка внеклассного мероприятия по английскому языку Конкурс-викторина «А знаете ли вы»

Разработка внеклассного мероприятия по английскому языку Конкурс-викторина «А знаете ли вы»

Разработка внеклассного мероприятия по английскому языку:

Конкурс-викторина «А знаете ли вы?»

Участники: 2 команды по 8 человек


Цель: активизация употребления лексики по изученным темам, повышение мотивации к изучению английского языка, обучение работе в команде.


-повторить и систематизировать ранее изученный материал;

-развивать все виды речевой деятельности;

-формировать лексические и речевые навыки путём повторения материала в разнообразных видах деятельности.

Ход мероприятия

Учащиеся заранее делится на команды. Каждая команда придумывает название на английском языке, девиз и эмблему.

Task 1.

There is a table for each team:











1.Sometimes this person may be in a good mood. Sometimes he may be upset. His mood changes often.(5)

2.This one is a sort of a person you can always come to if you have a problem. You can trust your problem to this man or woman, that's why you depend on him.(3)

3.It's too easy to this person to meet new people. He/she likes to make an acquaintance with other people, to tell them about his/her life.(1)

4.This person is open-hearted, he knows a lot of jokes and he frequently makes people laugh.(4)

5.This person is usually in a good mood. He/she smiles, and he/she is usually quite happy.He/she never tells you about his/her problems. (2)

Команды пишут прилагательные рядом с предложением, к которому оно относится.

Task 2.

Complete the gaps with letters in brackets & read the proverbs. Match every proverb with its Russian equivalent.


1.A (fri)...end in ne(ed).. is a friend .(in).deed.(г)

a)Помни о добре всегда

2.The be.(st). part of (li)..ving is lov.(ing).. and (gi)..ving.(в)

б)Честность-лучшая политика

3.Ho(nes)...ty is the be(st).. poli. (cy).(б)

в)Лучшая часть жизни-любить и отдавать.

4.Do (wh)..at's tr(ue).. and say it,t.(oo).!(д)

г)Друг познается в беде.

5.Abo(ve).. all,.(lo).ve all.(ж)

д)Правдивым будь и в мыслях и поступках.

6.Ob(ey).. tod(ay). and (wa)..tch it pay.(e)

е)Сделай так как говорят,и увидишь результат.

7)Ke(ep).. 'kind' in (mi) ..nd.(a)

ж)Превыше всего любви волшебство.

Task 3.

Give antonyms to the following words:

Stand (sit)

Take off(land or put on)

Have supper(have breakfast)














Task 4.

Correct the mistakes

For the first team

1.Where are the money?They are on the table.

Where is the money?It is on the table.

2.This are books.

These are books.

3.Who is it?It is a book.

What is it?

4.The film starts in 3 o'clock.

(...at 3...)

5.What they took?

What did they take?

6.He a good boy.

He is...

7.Is these his car?

Is this...

For the second team

1.Has they went to school today?

Has they gone...

2.There is many snow in the park.


3.She not drew a picture.

She didn't draw...

4.I can to play on piano.

I can play the piano

5.She want read a book

She wants to read.

6.Children does not go to school.

Children don't go to...

7.Did we have written a dictation today?

Have you written a...

For the third team

1.Hers hair are black.

Her hair is...

2.We have no some bread.

We have no bread

3.Are there nobody in the room?

Is there anybody in...

4.There are a few sugar in the cup.

There is a little sugar...

5.Do Olga read good?

Does Olga read...

6.Dad writed me a letter.

Dad wrote me a...

7.These are mine books.That are books yours.

These are my books.Those are yours.

Task 5.

Say as many words as you can on the following topics:

1.School 2. Music 3. Food

Task 6.

Make up as many words as you can from the letters.You are not allowed to write names and verbs.



Task 7

Write ordinal numbers in words:

3, 5, 8, 13, 18, 60, 99, 100, 146

third,fifth,eighth,thirteenth,eighteenth,sixteenth,ninety-ninth,hundredth, hundredth,one hundred and forty-sixth

Task 8

Do you know.....

1.This transport is over 150 years old. It's in England. (Metro-the Tube)

2.What city are 'The Beatles' from? Liverpool

3.The week starts from this day in England. (Sunday)

4.Elizabeth 2 never appears in public without her bag. She carries in it..

a) cookies b) food for dogs c) cosmetics d)a ball of thread

5.An English town with the university where students should wear a robe and a hat after a sunset?(Cambridge)

6.What is the English for 'подводное плавание с аквалангом'?(Diving)

1. What soft drink under the name of 'black blood' was forbidden in England in 1676?(coffee)

2.The length of these skirts was designed by Mary Kent in 1963?(mini skirts)

3.What city represents the football club 'Chelsea' ?(London)

4.Is Covent Garden an opera or drama theatre?(Opera)

5.You may take pictures with famous people in this museum in London.(Madam Tuesso)

6.Soft drink that is translated from English as 'петушиный хвост'(cocktail)

1.There is a Tower Bridge over this river.(The Thames)

2.What country presents London a new year tree every year?(Norway)

3.The most terrible oath of The English people -to do 'it' with your hat.(eat it)

4.Hats of Queen's guards are made of the fur of these animals.(bears' fur)

5.The largest island of Europe.(Great Britain)

6.Skiing with the help of a kite.(kiting)

Task 9

The competition of captains

Answer the questions:

1.The capital of Great Britain(London)

2.The capital of the USA(Washington)

3.What countries are there in the UK?(Wales, England, Scotland, Northern Ireland)

4.The motherland of football (England)

5.The members of 'The Beatles' (John Lennon, Ringo Starr, George Harrison, Paul McCartney)

6.The highest mountain in Great Britain.(Ben Nevis)

7.Official residence of Queen of England (Buckingham Palace)

8.The currency of Great Britain(pounds)

9.What river is London on?(the Thames)

10.What river is Washington on?(the Potomac)

11.The most famous universities in Great Britain.9Cambridge,Oxford)

12.What country presented the statue of Liberty to America(France)

13.Why are there no skyscrapers in Washington?(The White house)

14.What city in America did the first skyscrapers appear?(New York)

15.Who wrote the book 'Tom Sowyer'?(Mark Twain)

16.What is the symbol of England?(a red rose)

17.What is the symbol of Wales?9a leek)

18.What is the symbol of Scotland?(a thistle)

19.Where are British kings and queens buried?(Westminster Abbey)

20.What monument is there in the centre of Trafalgаr square?(Admiral Nelson)

21.Where are famous tennis tours held in England?(Wimbledon)

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