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Разработка урока по английскому языку на тему "Films and Cinema" (7 класс)

Date: The 12th of December

Form: 7 A

Teacher: Koblova Z.

Theme: «Types of Films»

Aims of the lesson: to introduce students to the theme «Films and Cinema»

(Познакомить учащихся с темой «Киножанры»)

Educating: to broaden pupils’ horizons in using lexicon, grammar and speaking on this theme.

(Обучающая) Расширить кругозор учащихся в использовании лексики, грамматики и говорения по данной теме.

Developing: to develop children’s skills in speaking, listening and grammar.

(Развивающая) Развить навыки в говорении, слушании и грамматике.

Educational: to express own point of view, to raise motivation in studying English language.

(Воспитательная) Учиться выражать свою точку зрения, повышать мотивацию в изучении английского языка.

Equipment (Оборудование):

Distributing material, collage, cards with grammar exercises, a song.

Structure of the lesson: (Ход урока):

1. Organization moment: (Приветствие и объяснение целей урока)

- Good Afternoon! How are you? Sit down, please! Who is on duty today? What date is it today? What day is it today? Who is absent?

2. Определение темы урока

Два ученика выходят к доске и рассказывают диалог “Lets go to the cinema

A: What are you doing this evening?

B: Nothing special. Why?

A: How about going to the cinema today?

B: Good idea! What’s on?

A: There’s an American blockbuster film on. They say it’s very good.

B: What type of film is it?

A: It’s an adventure film.

B: When is it on?

A: At 7 o’clock.

B: Well, let’s meet outside the cinema at 6.45. (quarter to seven)

A: OK, see you then!

B: See you!

- What do you think will be the theme of our lesson?

- Yes/ You are right.

- Today we shall speak about films and cinema.

3. Говорение. Speaking.

Look under your chairs. You have questions on the back of your chairs. Answer the questions, please! (Let’s talk about movies)

  • Do you like going to the cinema?

  • What do you prefer, going to the cinema or watching films on TV? And why?

  • Who is your favorite actor or actress?

  • What do you know about him or her?

  • What’s your favorite film? Why? etc.

4.Просмотр презентации.

Watching the presentation. Discussion.

5. Работа с текстом. Translate and answer the questions. (слайд)

(текст на доске и у каждого 1 на парте)

Jean-Claude Van Damme was born in Brussels, Belgium, in 1961. His father encouraged him to learn Karate. At the age of eighteen, he opened his own gym. He won the European Professional Karate middleweight championship title. In 1981 he went to Los Angeles. He decided to work in films. He spoke no English and supported himself by working as a taxi driver and pizza delivery man. In 1985 he appeared in his first film.

5. Very well! And now I want you to answer my questions:

  • Where was Jean-Claude Van Damme born?

  • When did he open his own gym?

  • When did Jean-Claude Van Damme go to Los Angeles?

  • What did he decide?

  • Where did he work?

  • When did he appear in his first film?

6. Давайте отдохнем немного.

And now I want you to have a rest for 2-3 minutes. Let’s watch a video “Can’t stop the feeling” by J. Timberlake.

You have a task. Be very attentive!

You are so clever! Very well!

7. Работа с учебником. Аудирование.

Ex/1 p/57. Listening the dialogue.

8. Practicing grammar. Past Simple.

Отработка грамматики. Ex.8 p.60.

9.Домашнее задание. Home task:

I give you handouts. Your task is to describe a film.

10. Sizing up:

Dear students! Today we worked hard. We studied new words, translated the texts, did some grammar exercises and repeated Past Simple. What was the most interesting for you?

11. Marks for the lesson.

12. Thank you for your work! The lesson is over, Good Bye!

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