Уроки английского языка / Библиотека / ОЛИМПИАДА ПО АНГЛИЙСКОМУ ЯЗЫКУ 8 кл.



I этап школьной олимпиады учащихся основной школы

2017--2018 уч.год

8 класс




Задание №1

Задание №2

Задание №3

Задание №4

Задание №5

______из 5

_____из 8

______из 5

_________ из 5

______из 7

Всего: __________ из 30 баллов

Время выполнения работы – 1ч 10 10 мин

1 задание : где можно увидеть эти надписи? Обведи правильный вариант ответа

You can look, but don`t touch the pictures

A in an office

B in a cinema

C in a museum

Please give the right money to the driver.

A in a bank

B on a bus

C in a cinema

No parking please

A in the street

B on a book

C in a table


A in a bank

B in a garage

C in a station


A on clothes

B on furniture

C on food

2 задание : вставьте слова из рамки в подходящие по смыслу пропуски в тексте:

Information, developed the mind, communicate, different activities, respect, adult life, develop imagination, encourage

People have always had schools and will always have them. This is the only way to prepare children for

____________________ . In school children learn a lot of new ____________________ about the world. Subjects like Mathematics, Physics, and Geometry _______________________, Literature, Arts and Music _______________________. School is the place where children ____________________ with each other, make friends and take part in _______________________ , competitions, concerts, quizzes. Some teachers at school are young, some are experienced and calm, but all of them try to do their best to ______________

their students and to develop all their talents. Students should always treat their teachers with _________

______________ , as being a teacher is quite a difficult job.

3 задание прочитай текст и заполни пропуски, выбрав один вариант из предложенных вариантов ( А, В,С) Обведи правильный ответ

There are millions of stars in the sky. If you look (1)____the sky on a clear night, it is possible to see about 3000 stars. They really (2)_______ big hot balls of burning gas. Some of them are huge, but others are much smaller, like our planet Earth. The biggest stars are very bright but they only live for a short time. Every day new star (3) _________ born and old stars die. All the stars are far away. The light from nearest star takes more (4)________ four years to reach Earth. Hundreds of years ago, people (5) __________

Stars, like the north star, to know which direction to travel in. Today you can still see that star.

1 A at B up C on

2 A very B too C much

3 A is B be C are

4 A that B of C than

5 A use B used C using

4 задание: заполни пропуски в диалоге, поставив прилагательные, указанные в скобках, в превосходную или сравнительную степени сравнения:

A: Are you going to buy a picture?

B: yes, I am, but I can`t decide which one I like _________________( good ). I quite like this one, but it`s much ______________ ( big ) than the others and it might not fit in the room.

A: What about red or orange one? It`s ____________________ ( modern ) than the others.

B: Yes, it is and the colours are __________________ ( bright ). OK, I`ll take that one.

A: How much is it ?

B: $95. Typical! It`s _____________________ ( expensive ) of all of them.

5 задание: заполни пропуски поставив глагол в правильную временную форму

  1. His friend _________________(speak) English.

  2. Yesterday we _________________(read ) newspaper.

  3. Look! They __________________ ( cross) the street.

  4. Jane usually _______________( walk ) to school, but tomorrow she ______________ ( go ) by bus.

  5. What __________he _______________ ( do ) now?

  6. She ________already ___________ (do) this task.

  7. By 3 o’clock he _______________ ( write) his composition.

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