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Олимпиада по английскому языку для 7 класса


I этап школьной олимпиады учащихся основной школы

7 класс




Задание №1

Задание №2

Задание №3

Задание №4

Задание №5

______из 10

_____из 6

______из 10

_________ из 5

______из 12

Всего: __________ из 43 баллов

Время выполнения работы – 1ч20 мин


1 задание : вставьте соответствующие слова и словосочетания в пропуски:

Dear boys and girls!

Welcome to Panington Zoo, one of the oldest and largest of England’s parks. Our Zoo __________

in 1923. We have more than hundred __________of wild animals______________. About 70 _________

animals live at the Zoo now. We _____________ the living things and give them the future they deserve.

Look at Chilean flamingos! They are stretching their beautiful wings. ____________. Here are Midas and Jamna, our pair of lions.

You can _____________ our Volunteer Team who work all round the Zoo. They ___________of our

________________ park.

Welcome to Panington Zoo! It`s worth visiting. Your visit will be ______________.

From all round the world, kinds, join, was founded, zoological, take care, endangered,

Watch out! full of fun, save.

2 задание: дополни предложения подходящими по смыслу прилагательными:

1 Mike never follows anybody`s advice and never listens to anybody`s opinion. He is very ______________

2 Little Jane asks her parents and teachers a lot of questions about everything. She is very _____________

3 I don`t want to be friends with Jack any longer. He tells lots of lies. He is not honest in competitions.

He is very _______________.

4 If you are in a difficult situation and you need help, call Danny. He is very ______________

5 Julia has a good voice, she loves and understands music. She is very _________________

6 He doesn`t like jokes and funny stories. He is very _________________________

Musical, curious, serious, independent, cunning, helpful


3 задание: образуйте прилагательные от следующих слов

Comfort _________________________ danger________________________________

Beauty __________________________ create ________________________________

Understand________________________ use __________________________________

Humor ___________________________ love _________________________________

Friend ____________________________ care __________________________________

4 задание: заполни пропуски в диалоге, поставив прилагательные, указанные в скобках, в превосходную или сравнительную степени сравнения:

A: Are you going to buy a picture?

B: yes, I am, but I can`t decide which one I like _________________( good ). I quite like this one, but it`s much ______________ ( big ) than the others and it might not fit in the room.

A: What about red or orange one? It`s ____________________ ( modern ) than the others.

B: Yes, it is and the colours are __________________ ( bright ). OK, I`ll take that one.

A: How much is it ?

B: $95. Typical! It`s _____________________ ( expensive ) of all of them.

5 задание: а)написать числительные цифрами:

1 My elder brother is twenty three. _____________ 2) My elder sister is thirteen _______________

3) Our mother is forty two __________________ 4) Our father is forty five ____________________

5) My father`s mother is seventy one ________________ 6) My uncle is thirty eight _________________

7) Our house is one hundred fifty nine years ___________________

b) заполни пропуски поставив глагол в правильную временную форму

  1. Her daughter _________________(speak) French.

  2. Yesterday we _________________(read ) newspaper.

  3. Look! They __________________ ( cross) the street.

  4. Jane usually _______________( walk ) to school, but tomorrow she ______________ ( go ) by bus.

  5. What __________he _______________ ( do ) now?

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