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Board game (настольная игра) на тему "In the Ocean"

What do you know about the anemones?

Tell 5 facts about dolphins

Remember 10 animals that live in the ocean

Move ahead 2 spaces!!!

A sea creature with a soft round body and 8 long tentacles. What’s it?

I can take people deep down into the ocean.

Super skip! Move ahead!

Compare the octopus to the other animals (4 sentences)

The largest fish ever, they are the giants of the sea.

How many legs does a crab have?

I am deep and full of life

The anglerfish lives deep down, where it is ________ .

Do jellyfish have bones?

Read: [ˈkɒrəl][ˈdaɪ] [  əˈnɛməni ]

Move back 2 spaces

What oceans do you remember? (tell 2 or three)

How does the crab protect himself?

Why do fish don’t see the sea dragon?

Take an extra turn!

A hard outer part of some sea animals that protects them from the others.

A large reptile with hard shell that lives in the sea

A plant that grows in the sea or ocean.

Remember everything you know about the manta rays.

A raised line of water that moves across the surface of the sea.

What does the word “mammal” mean?

What do you know about an octopus?

A sea creature with a hard shell, 8 legs and 2 pincers.

Sorry, move back!

What do you remember about dugongs?

What sea animals have worm blood?

Move back 3 spaces!

Possible answers:

  1. octopus, shark, dolphin, manta ray, starfish, dugong, jellyfish, angler fish, whale, sea horse, anemone, squid, crab.

  2. Anemones look like plants, but they are animals.

  3. Move ahead

  4. Octopus

  5. Dolphins eat fish and squid; Dolphins are very smart; Dolphins can dive to about 300 meters; dolphins jump 6 meters out of the water; dolphins live about 25 years.

  6. An octopus is smaller than a dolphin; an octopus is faster than a turtle; an octopus is softer than a crab; an octopus is slower than a shark; an octopus is bigger than a starfish.

  7. Whale

  8. Shark

  9. Super skip

  10. 10 legs

  11. Submarine

  12. Ocean

  13. Dark

  14. No, they don’t.

  15. Coral, diver, anemone

  16. Move back

  17. Pacific, Indian, Atlantic, Indian

  18. Turtle

  19. Shell

  20. Extra turn

  21. Because it looks like a seaweed

22. It is protected by a hard shell and it has got two pincers and can pinch.

  1. Turtle

  2. Move back

  3. Seaweed

  4. Manta ray

  5. Manta rays are harmless, they eat tiny animals called plankton.

  6. Wave

  7. It means an animal that breathes air, has a backbone and has warm blood.

  8. Dolphins, whales, dugongs

  9. They live in the Pacific and Indian oceans, they are called sea cows because they eat green seagrass like cows. They are mammals and they are slow.

  10. Move back

  11. Crab

  12. Octopuses live in every ocean, come in all colors and sizes, can change colors, have eight tentacles, they use tentacles to swim and catch things to eat. They can squirt ink when feel danger.

  13. Finish.

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